WeeSprout Suction Plates with Lids for Babies & Toddlers – 100% Silicone, Plates Stay Put with Suction Feature, Divided Design, Microwave, Dishwasher & Oven Friendly, 3 Pack


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WeeSprout Suction Plates With Lids

Say goodbye to your toddler tossing, throwing, and pushing their plate on the floor with WeeSprout suction plates.

Toddler-Tested and Mom-Approved

silicone pinch test

silicone pinch test



toddler with plate of food

toddler with plate of food

silicone plate with plastic lid

silicone plate with plastic lid

100% Food Grade Silicone

Our food grade silicone plates are completely filler-free! They’ll never leach harmful additives into your child’s food. Plus, the toddler-proof silicone is unbreakable – they’re perfect for when your child learns to throw at the table!

Suction Feature

A four-point suction feature keeps your child’s plate securely attached to whatever flat surface you place it on! This prevents messy spills for children learning to self-feed and stops your child from tossing their plate off the table. Your toddler gets to eat independently and you get to relax at mealtimes!

Divided Plate Design

The raised dividers of our toddler plates keep your child’s food separate – no more tantrums over peas getting mixed with potatoes! Plus, the raised outer edge of the plate makes it easy for little fingers to scoop up food without making a mess or pushing food off the plate. Mealtime with picky eaters just got easier!

Premium Hard Plastic Lids

The BPA-free hard plastic lids that come with these plates means your plates double as food storage! Toddlers are notorious for not finishing their food – that doesn’t mean their meal has to go to waste. Cover their leftovers with the lid and pop it in the fridge for later!

Everything You Need in a Toddler Plate

Parent with child taking lid off plateParent with child taking lid off plate

Meal Prep to Cleanup is a Snap With WeeSprout Toddler Plates

100% food grade silicone
Divided design
Suction feature
Hard plastic lids
Dishwasher friendly
Color options
Set of 3

Encourage Independent Eating

suction cups on bottom of platesuction cups on bottom of plate

Allow your Toddler to Self-feed Without the Mess with WeeSprout Suction Plates!

Let your toddler eat independently without worrying about messy spills or plates getting knocked off the table! Four suction cups easily attach to any flat surface – your child’s plate stays firmly connected to the table while they eat. They’re perfect for kids who learn to throw at the same time they’re learning to feed themselves. Plus, the extra large suction cups and four point suction design makes our plates easier and less messy to remove from the table. Your child grows their independence and you enjoy a mess-free mealtime!

Keep the Peace During Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

plate of food shown from aboveplate of food shown from above

Divide and Conquer Picky Eaters With our Divided Plate Design

It’s no secret that toddlers can often be picky eaters. WeeSprout toddler plates are a quick solution to food mixing together or touching on your toddler’s plate. No more crying over peas touching carrots with our divided plate design! Each section holds the perfect amount of food while keeping everything separate. And the raised edges of our plates keep food from spilling onto the table. Say goodbye to table tantrums for good!

100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE – Our 100% food grade silicone plates contain no fillers or harmful materials that could leach into your child’s food. Unbreakable silicone is the ideal material for toddler dishes – no more cracked plates or spending money to replace them! It’s naturally odor and stain-resistant. Plus, silicone is dishwasher, microwave, and oven friendly. Remove the lids and pop the plates in the microwave for a quick reheat, then toss them in the dishwasher for quick and easy clean up!
FOUR POINT SUCTION KEEPS YOUR CHILD’S PLATE IN PLACE – Four extra large suction points keep your plate in place on any flat surface. Your plate stays securely attached to the table for the entire meal. That means your child can self-feed without creating a mess – no more plates of food tipped or thrown off high chairs! Plus, unlike ordinary suction plates with only one suction point, our four point design makes it easy to remove the plate when your child is done eating without spilling food!
DIVIDED DESIGN FOR PICKY EATERS- Say goodbye to tantrums and arguments at the table! WeeSprout divided plates are perfect for picky eaters who don’t like their food to touch. Raised edges allow your child to scoop food without pushing it off the plate or mixing it in with other foods on the plate. These plates keep food separate, whether you’re saving leftovers, pre-making meals, or bringing snacks and meals on the go. Mealtime with your toddler has never been easier!
PLATES DOUBLE AS FOOD STORAGE WITH PREMIUM HARD PLASTIC LIDS – If you’re a parent, you know that toddlers often don’t finish their meals. Our plates double as food storage containers, which cuts down on wasted food and the number of dishes you have to wash! Save leftovers or pre-make meals without creating a mess in the fridge – hard plastic lids keep leftover food fresh and are perfect for stacking meals in the refrigerator! Plus, the clear lids make it easy to identify what’s on each plate.

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WeeSprout Suction Plates with Lids for Babies & Toddlers – 100% Silicone, Plates Stay Put with Suction Feature, Divided Design, Microwave, Dishwasher & Oven Friendly, 3 Pack


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